Maintaining And Cleaning a Paella Pan

stainless_steel_panMaintaining And Cleaning a Paella Pan

The pan should be properly maintained and cleaned always to prolong its life span. The different material types of pans differ in their attention. Carbon steel pan requires more care than the other materials due to high tendency to rust.
After purchasing a pan you should remove the company label by heating it slightly to make it easier to peel off without leaving marks. Then wash it with warm soapy water to remove the varnish. Dry it and its safe for use. Carbon steel pan should be seasoned before first use by baking in oven until the oil after every use. Enamelled and stainless steel pan do not require seasoning.

Maintenance during use

To maintain cooking pan does not require special skills since it’s very simple and requires just paying close attention to them while cooking.
You should never leave an empty pan on direct heat since it may get black spot which are hard to clean. It also affect its coating and can get damaged and wear out easily. When in use regulate heat well and never use it in microwave oven. When using an oven, don’t expose the pan to high heat temperatures and use wooden or metallic spoons.

Always remove stains made by spices immediately it may accumulate and harden if left for a long time. If you leave it to clean later, it will be difficult to be removed and can destroy the aesthetic quality of the pan. Don’t use the pan in a dishwasher.


Soak the pan in warm soapy water to make cleaning easy. Before cleaning you should have soap, paper towel, dry cotton towel, scrubbing sponge and a steel wire ready. Carbon steel pan should not be soaked in water since they rust so fast and in case they rust, use a steel wire to clean. Enamelled and stainless steel pans can be left in water longer. Clean the pan using a soft –scrub sponge and warm soapy water to clean off all the residues. Then dry them with the cotton towel and apply vegetable oil to prevent moisture which causes rusting. Water stains can form easily if not dried well.
Don’t use steel wire on stainless steel and enamelled pan, as it may leave scratches on it. Use good quality bar or liquid soap to clean detergent soap is not good to use. Put hot water in the pan if it gets difficult to remove burnt food and leave it for some time. To clean coloured deposits on stainless steel pan, boil water with salt and alcohol to remove them all.


Keep the pan in clean, dry place free from dust and moist. You should put ranks in the kitchen to hang the pans these will create more space for the other utensils. Store them separately from other items such as knifes since it will protect you from being injured .these will also be easier to trace the equipment you want to use. A well arranged kitchen looks more spacious and appealing to all individuals. If it’s for occasional use, you keep it in a clean carton to create space in kitchen and to prevent dust accumulation for a long time.
In storing utensils, you should follow the following instructions to avoid damage.
• Keep them away from reach by children as they may get injured if they handle them inappropriately.
• Your storage space should be free from water to avoid rust and bacteria growth which is harmful to human health. Dry the utensils using paper towel.
• Keep every type of utensils such as cutlery separately and arrange them well.
• Avoid keeping utensils on the floor. If your kitchen does not have cabinets, make a cheap one to ensure perfect arrangement.
• Avoid overcrowding. They may fall off causing accident and breakage. It can also be a bleeding site for rats and cockroaches and will make the kitchen dirty and untidy.



This is a cooking utensil traditionally used by people after rice became a staple food. You can use the pan for both cooking and eating purposes. It should always be kept clean after every use.


Apart from cooking rice, it can also be used for cooking other foods. It cooks seafood and mixed paella which consist of white rice, chicken or rabbit meat, beans, white rice and other ingredients that adds flavour and colour such as lemon. There are different procedures used to prepare the recipe according to the number of ingredients you will use. The pan can also be used for warming food since it has two handles which makes it efficient to use without getting burnt.

While cooking with this vessel, observe the safety measures as you may cause accident or injury.
• You should never cook in loose clothes.
The pan becomes as hot as it cooks for a long time hence it can cause fire if it comes into contact with your clothes. Also tie long hair at the back as it may catch fire very fast. Dangling jewel may get tangled around the handle; you should remove them when cooking. Most severe burns are caused by clothes which caught fire.
• Install fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
This will prevent fire from spreading to other rooms and destroying your properties. Never add oil to an overheated pan to prevent flames from shooting up. Always allow it to cool down to avoid accident and regulate heat appropriately to ensure the food will not overcook. Make sure you know how to use it in case of emergency. Never put a lid over a pan of oil as oil can spill over and get to the burner causing fire. In case of a small fire, cover the pan with a large lid to extinguish or pour salt on the flames.
Check your heat source to be sure it’s off after finishing cooking. And never leave the food cooking as there is danger of overcooking which causes fire!
• Pan handles should be placed away from the heat source.
Children may grab them if placed wrongly and get burnt. You can also be burnt by the hot handles leading to serious injuries. Use pot holder to handle the pan.


Paella should be eaten directly from the paella pan. The pan with the food should be placed at the centre of the table to ensure everybody has equal access to it. Set another bowl on the side to put remains from the chicken bones. This helps to ensure the table remains clean. Divide the food in portions of triangular shape according to the number of people to be served. Then, provide them with spoons and folks if necessary. You should eat starting from the edge towards the centre .You may find something in your section that you may not want to eat such as vegetables. Place them at the centre of the paella somebody else may want to have them. You should eat away from the edge near other people`s sections unless they are through with eating and satisfied.

Eating together from the same pan makes the relationship bond between people stronger. You should observe table manners while dinning. Don’t call attention to yourself by breaking rules set by society.
• Never eat other people’s portion.
• Never talk with food in your mouth.  It will piss off other people or make them not to eat again before they are satisfied. If asked a question wait until you shallow all the food  as you may split food to others.
• Turn off your cell phone or set it in a silent mode before sitting down. Its rude to using your phone in the company of others. Avoid making rude sounds at the table.
• Never blow on your food portion if its hot .wait until it cools down. Eat slowly and pace yourself to finish with others.
• Compliment the cook if you like the food.
• Rest the hand you are not using on your lap to create space on the table.

Leaky Gut And Its Causes

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Tips on How You Can Season a Paella Pan.

paella_panPaella pans are made up of traditional materials such as carbon steels. If at any given time you own a nonstick or an enameled paella pan, then there is no reason for you to season it. If you happen to own a carbon steel, you will be required to season it so as it is in a position to cook your food properly. You can do this either on the stove top or in the oven. The moment you are done with seasoning, you will need to offer a routine maintenance to the pan each time you use it. This way, it will be able to last for some good years.

There are various things you will need so as to season your paella pan and they include cooking oil made of canola or peanut, potholders and paper towels. There are two methods where you can choose from so as to season your paella pan.

Oven method

Under this method, there is a procedure that you have to follow.
◾Wash your paella pan and try it. If your pan is still new, then you will have to place it on the stovetop as you fill it with water. Ensure that you boil the water for nearly ten minutes so as to remove any dust, glue residue or any manufacturing oils from the pan.
◾Ensure that you preheat your oven to almost 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
◾Ensure that a thick layer of cooking oil is applied to both outside and inside surfaces of your paella pan.
◾Place your pan into the oven, then cook for almost 30 to 35 minutes or even wait till the pan gets the golden color.
◾Use potholders to remove the pan from the oven and permit it to cool down before you use it.

Stovetop method

It also has a procedure which you are required to follow step by step.
◾Wash and at the same time dry the paella pan by using a heavy coating of your cooking oil.
◾Use the same cooking oil which has a heavy coating to wipe the inside of your paella pan.
◾Turn the heat to a medium level after you have placed the pan on the stovetop.
◾By using potholders, turn the paella pan that is on the stovetop till the golden color is consistent all over.
◾Then remove the paella pan from the stove top and then permit it to cool down before using.


There are various warnings and facts that you have to bear in mind. These include:
◾After washing, ensure that you apply a thin coat of cooking oil to the paella pan. This will help to protect it from rusting.
◾If at all foods begin sticking to the pan, you will be required to re-season your pan.

Benefits of Casein Protein

Casein_proteinThe world is slowly evolving in terms of health. Much as there are drugs over the counters, this has never been the end of the road. People are thirsty for the harmless ways that can restore their health back to normal. Everyone wants to be protected from the toxins that come from the organic compounds; at the same time, many people want to remain young, this is why the expansion of the food supplements is here to stay. There are various companies that have specialized in the production of dietary supplements that are meant to bring certain health benefits to the body.

Many people are already conversant with the health risks associated with lack of exercises. The online campaigns against smoking, bad eating lifestyles as well as disastrous effects of junk food has played a major role in sensitizing the people on their ‘worst enemies’.  Those who have enrolled for gym classes already know how hard it can get especially when you don’t have a good time plan. It can be overwhelming at times to get out from the office on a busy day and get to the gym. In this perspective, maximizing the efforts for health fitness really has to come from a personal motivation.

Proteins are vital for the body.  Whether you are a wrestler, muscle builder or an ordinary person, casein proteins will play a vital role in your body health system. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider switching to these form of proteins:
• They are long lasting:  Proteins can be derived from a number of products such as eggs, or soya beans. However, they may not give a lasting impact as much as casein proteins do.  These proteins will provide your body with a steady flow of proteins within the bloodstream. Though muscles will never come instantly, the best thing is that a glass of protein casein milk before bedtime, will always keep you energized than any other form of proteins.
• You will find greater gains.  Casein is a vital ingredient for any success in muscle building. Taking one form of protein will never be enough, it is better to introduce casein protein in the body as it will eventually produce a fat free body within a period of 10 weeks.
• Casein protein is the best remedy for those who want to reduce levels of fat within the body.  It has been proved that individuals who take these proteins are likely to have a higher metabolic rate during the night and this usually gives a better fat balance within the body.  These proteins will enable you to have a fuller stomach.
• Greater strength. For those who do workouts, one of the wishes they always want to come to reality is having greater strength.  Casein has been proved effective in this area. Such strength can be felt on legs, chests, and shoulders.  This is because casein is anti-catabolic, so whenever you imagine of having some snacks late in the night, consider using casein protein for maximum results.
• Dental Protection.  Dental visits can be overwhelming, especially at that time when you least expect it.  It has been proven that casein proteins are able to reduce enamel erosion.  If you are unable to do with the fresh fruit juices, take a moment and think of adding some protein casein, this would be the last best chance of chasing away all the infections in your teeth.

Whether you are in a fitness program or not, it is better to check the health condition of your body often.  For the muscle builders, its time to smile wide because casein proteins will bring them what they want! Casein proteins have a full combination of all the amino acids that your body requires for any given process.  The good thing is the amino acids are absorbed in the body at a slower rate because casein is a slow digester of proteins.

Best Protein From Foods

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Simple facts about casein proteins

Protein_CaseinCasein is a form of protein derived from milk.  One striking thing about these proteins is they contain all the essential amino acids required within the body. Most people who are in workout programs will find these proteins vital because of their ability to double strength and also build muscles.  Casein protein have a slow digestion rate; this makes it to clot within the stomach eventually slowing down the rate of digestion.

Whenever you take casein proteins before sleeping, be assured that it’s the best way of reducing the breakdown of proteins. In simple terms, people who take casein proteins some minutes before sleep usually increase their rate of protein synthesis which is the requirement for building up muscles. Casein will be really important for all the individuals who are considering increasing the protein content within the body. It is easy to use, and you can use it anytime. The fact that casein is a slow digesting protein means that a user has to use it during the moments when you have missed taking food for a longer period of time. This explains why many people prefer taking casein before they sleep.  According to research studies, the consumption of casein during the night has been linked to the reduction of breakdown of proteins.

The quantity of casein to be consumed usually depends on factors such as the type of activities, the total amount of proteins within the body, the weight or whether you are using other protein supplements along with it.  For those who depend on casein alone, it is better to   take it more. This should range from 40-55g of casein; this can contribute to around 220 pounds of muscle formation in males.

One mistake that most buyers do is to buy casein anywhere they find it. Well, this could be a regrettable habit in the long run when you land in the hands of a fraudulent manufacturer.  Always ensure the manufacturer provides the necessary lab analysis for these products.  This will help you match the label with what is within the package.  There are some companies which also sell the combination of casein and whey.  Owing to the fact that such blends can turn out to be costly, it is better to make your own casein –whey cocktail which can work better with vodka.
Some people are allergic to casein protein, some of the common side effects include; pain, diarrhea, upset stomach and other complications.  It is also harmful to consume large quantities of casein protein as it will eventually casein digestive distress. In simple terms, it doesn’t pay to use casein proteins when you are already allergic.  In some cases, the physician can also discourage due to some reasons, you should therefore respect his opinion. Whenever you are in need of a slow digesting protein, use casein protein, it will help you build the muscles and keep you satiated. An individual can opt to use casein protein as both pre-workout or post –workout because it’s exactly at this moment when it will give the maximum benefits.

Whenever you sleep at night, there are no proteins that are being supplied to the body at that time. In this case, a treat to the body should be a cup of casein protein.  This is the easiest way to feed proteins in your body without much hassle.  The amino acids within these proteins have great advantages. They can help you restore strength after a tedious workout. Some people take casein proteins with water while others prefer milk.  It is better to take with milk as they will both lower down the rate of digestion.

There are many brands of casein; some prefer the powdered form because it’s much thinner.  These proteins have a great flavor especially when taken with milk. For those who want a better rewarding for their muscles, having a package of casein proteins will make you feel much better and motivated.

Organic nutrition and food

paella-pansToday, people are paying more attention to the food they eat, at least a group of people in every city, in every country in the world. Proper nutrition and healthy foods are important for a long and healthy life of each and every person. The thing is, people are working very hard, and when they come home, they are sometimes too lazy to cook for themselves, and in most cases, they will grab a greasy burger on a way home, or they will order some food. It is okay to get something like that every once in a while, but constantly eating those kinds of things is not healthy at all. Life is much better when you eat proper and healthy food, a lot of veggies and fruits, which is produced by some serious and proper standards.

In the last few years, niche markets of organic food are more visible in many countries of the world. The whole organic food industry is increasing in the last several years, because people are starting to realize the importance of organic food in general. Organic food is not only present in niche markets; it can be spotted in number of big supermarkets, because more and more people are interested in buying those kinds of products. When people are buying organic food for proper nutrition and healthier life style in general, they will look for fresh food, tasteful food and food that really looks good. When they come home from market, they can prepare all those healthy veggies for example, in paella pan, and have delicious meal, that is way healthier than a greasy burger picked up on the street.

Organic food is way healthier because that food is produced under special conditions, and in organic food there are no such things as preservatives or artificial ingredients, synthetic herbicides, synthetic pesticides, harmful bacteria. When it comes to this type of food, the area where the food will be produced must be carefully chosen, environmental permits must be secured. Moreover, specific techniques are used, when water recourses are protected. Organic food definitely is the thing that people need, in order to eat healthy, and to make sure that they are paying enough attention to their nutrition. Eating healthy and drinking a lots of water daily, are definitely very important things in life of every person. The good thing is that more people all around the world are paying more attention to the food they are about to eat. Kids should also be educated about organic food, and all the benefits that you can have if you eat it. It is a way healthier and way better for your organism. Many different things can be found organically produced, from eggs, fruits and vegetables, flour, milk products, etc.


Niche Markets

paella-panNiche markets and different food products

Niche food markets are specialized markets which are constantly competing with those large markets. Usually, in niche markets, you can find specific foods, for specific customers. A whole market is created for a specific demographic area, and for the consumers with exact buying behavior. Buying behaviors are different and they can depend on several factors. For example, a niche food market can be a small store with kosher milk that Jewish consumers will buy in Atlanta. The other example can be the group of people who wants to eat healthy foods, and that is why the group will buy only organic foods.

For these markets, it is crucial to have specific target audience, and that audience should have specific needs and desires. When someone is starting this kind of business, goals must be properly set, and the targeted audience with exact wishes must be found, because in other scenario, the whole business would fall apart without buyers, and it can be very risky. In order to create niche product, several things must be considered, such as buying trends in the country, demographic area, and target audience that will buy the products. Lately, people are very interested in buying organic food, because they want to eat clean and healthy food, which is very important for long, happy and healthy life, especially for the kids. Proper nutrition is crucial, and with organic food, you will get everything you wished for in your plate. It is way better option that to eat greasy burgers or tacos you can find on every corner.

One of the newest trends in US is ethic foods. There were certain objections for the food that is served in the US, especially in smaller cities, where people will have hard time to find Mediterranean restaurants, Russian or Spanish, with delicious food. For example, Spanish food is amazing, and one of the most popular dishes is paella. It is a dish where rice which is saffron flavored is combined with shellfish and meat, prepared in special paella pan. People are more interested in ethnic foods for several reasons. One group of people would love to eat ethic food because one simple and obvious reason – as descendents from that specific culture, they want to eat those dishes. The other group of people is not descendents but they would love to eat certain food. Great examples of ethnic food are Kosher foods, food from Middle East, Halal food, Thai food, and Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisines. People would love to have the chance to buy and eat some specific products from the other parts of the world, because all those cuisines are giving special nutrition. For example, Greek cuisine is on the third place of World’s healthiest nutrition and cuisines.

Health and weight loss niche market

weight lossIf you are not too familiar with niche market, you need to learn a bit more about it, because it is a really specific kind of market. Today, when you are running your own business, you can see how competitive everyone is, and how stiff your competition actually is. You need to give your best to improve your business, and be among the best. That is why niche markets are so popular lately.

When it comes to heath and weight loss industry, you know how huge that market is. People all around the world are giving their best to lose their weight, and they will gladly buy products such as fat burners in order to finally achieve their objective and look awesome. If you are in that same business, you need to understand two main things. The first thing is that weight lost industry is really huge, and there are some really big players you cannot complete so easily with. The second important thing is, the weight loss industry will always be popular, because people from all around the world want to lose weight and to look good and be healthy.

When selling the products such as fat burners, for example, you will find see that is very hard to sell them because some bigger players and companies will sell it way easier than you. If you want to be successful and if you want to sell fat burners for example, the thing you need to do is to find your target audience. If you think a bit about it, weight loss industry is huge, and if you want to sell your products to everyone with weight loss problems, you may sell nothing to anyone. Why? Because most of the companies are working that way! It is much smarter for you to find a sub section, or sub niche, such as for example: weight loss for women. Concentrate on that. But, the more specific you are, the bigger the chance to actually sell your products. This is an example how the whole thing can work:

  • weight loss products
  • weight loss products for women
  • weight loss products for women over 50
  • weight loss products for women over 50 with heart issues
  • That means that ladies over 50 years old and with certain heart issues will be your targeted audience. The more you drill down, the more chances you will have on the market. Health and weight loss is something that will always be in the center when it comes to selling products such as fat burners, or advice on weight loss. But as you can see, if you narrow down as more as you can your targeted audience, you will have bigger chance to actually sell certain products, and compete with others on the market.